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Overview of Key Data
€ million 2011 2012 Change %
Sales 41 41 0.0
EBITDA pre exceptionals (175) (178) (1.7)
EBITDA (192) (195) (1.6)
Operating result (EBIT) pre exceptionals (190) (193) (1.6)
Operating result (EBIT) (208) (210) (1.0)
Cash outflows for capital expenditures1) 23 35 52.2
Depreciation and amortization 16 15 (6.3)
Employees as of Dec. 31 2,711 2,957 9.1
1) Intangible assets and property, plant and equipment

The EBITDA pre exceptionals of minus €178 million reported in the Reconciliation (against minus €175 million in the prior year) was influenced in part by a planned expansion of central research activities. The exceptional charges of €17 million, which fully impacted EBITDA, primarily related to expenses for the design and implementation of IT projects and for portfolio adjustments, to the extent that these expenses could not be allocated to specific segments or business units. The exceptional charges of €17 million reported in the Reconciliation in 2011, all of which impacted EBITDA, also related to expenses for IT projects and portfolio adjustments.


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