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Business trends by region

Sales by Market
Chart: Sales by Market
Sales by Market
  2011 2012 Change
  € million % € million % %
EMEA (excluding Germany) 2,546 29.0 2,526 27.8 (0.8)
Germany 1,569 17.9 1,577 17.3 0.5
North America 1,458 16.6 1,611 17.7 10.5
Latin America 1,201 13.7 1,185 13.0 (1.3)
Asia-Pacific 2,001 22.8 2,195 24.2 9.7
  8,775 100.0 9,094 100.0 3.6

EMEA (excluding Germany)

Sales in the EMEA region (excluding Germany) receded by €20 million, or 0.8%, to €2,526 million in 2012. Adjusted for portfolio and currency effects, sales decreased by 4.1%. The Advanced Intermediates segment saw growth in the mid-single-digit range. Our Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments, by contrast, posted sales declines in the high- and mid-single-digit percentage range. Sales in Eastern Europe and the Middle East decreased by a low-single-digit percentage compared to the previous year, whereas Western Europe recorded relative sales declines in the mid-single-digit range and with that dominated the operating performance in absolute terms. The region’s sales decreased particularly in the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By contrast, the BRICS countries Russia and South Africa generated higher sales compared to the prior year.

The EMEA region (excluding Germany) accounted for 27.8% of Group sales, down 1.2 percentage points on the prior-year level.


In Germany, our sales came to €1,577 million in 2012, up €8 million, or 0.5%, over the previous year. However, when adjusted for portfolio effects, mostly from the Keltan EPDM business acquired in May of the previous year, sales receded by 1.2%. Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals saw sales declines in the mid-single-digit range, while our Advanced Intermediates segment achieved growth of the same magnitude.

Germany’s share of Group sales fell slightly from 17.9% to 17.3%.

North America

In this region, we generated sales of €1,611 million, up €153 million, or 10.5%, from the previous year. Adjusted for positive currency and portfolio effects, sales were down by 1.9%. This decrease was mainly the result of the development of business in the Performance Polymers segment, which posted a sales decline in the mid-single-digit percentage range against a strong prior year. The positive performance of the Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals segments only partially offset this decrease.

At 17.7%, North America’s share of Group sales was 1.1 percentage points higher than the prior-year level.

Latin America

Sales in Latin America receded by €16 million, or 1.3%, to €1,185 million in the reporting period. After adjusting for positive currency and portfolio effects, sales declined by 9.1%. This trend was due to weaker business performance in the Performance Polymers segment, which saw a sales decline in the low-double-digit percentage range as a result of the demand situation and the price of raw materials. By contrast, our Advanced Intermediates segment grew sales by a double-digit percentage. The Performance Chemicals segment also performed well, with sales growth in the high-single-digit range. The region’s sales were mainly influenced by the course of business in Brazil.

Latin America’s share of Group sales dropped slightly from 13.7% to 13.0%.


Sales in this region advanced by €194 million, or 9.7%, to €2,195 million in 2012. After adjustment for currency and portfolio effects, sales grew by 0.4%. Our Performance Polymers and Advanced Intermediates segments achieved operational growth in the low-single-digit range, while sales in the Performance Chemicals segment declined by a mid-single-digit percentage.

Our business in Thailand and Vietnam showed pleasing development but decreased slightly in China and Japan.

Asia-Pacific’s share of Group sales increased year on year, from 22.8% to 24.2%. Thus, it remained the Group’s second-strongest region in terms of sales.


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