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Clearly defined responsibilities

We have established various committees to ensure compliance with and the ongoing development of our CR strategy and the rules and standards defined in our management systems.

The CR Committee, which is made up of representatives from several group functions, is responsible for developing our CR strategy and ensures that all LANXESS’s CR activities are in line with this strategy. In its capacity as an interdisciplinary competence center, it advises both the Board of Management and the business units on all matters relating to sustainability. It is also responsible for collecting and maintaining reliable data that comply with current market standards for use in our external CR communications.

The HSEQ Committee, comprising LANXESS’s senior executives under the direction of Board of Management member Dr. Werner Breuers, is tasked with ensuring worldwide compliance with uniformly high quality management, safety, environmental and climate protection standards. The committee has responsibility for initiating and monitoring the global implementation of all necessary HSEQ guidelines, strategies and programs, as well as for defining our HSEQ objectives and monitoring their achievement. It also defines the global strategy for our integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The Compliance Committee, which is made up of representatives from a range of specialist backgrounds, handles all referrals concerning compliance violations, with the goal of countering illegal or unethical conduct by LANXESS employees at an early stage and introducing suitable measures to prevent improprieties.


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