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Customer satisfaction as a success factor

In markets with a high level of competitive pressure such as the chemical industry, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are among the most important success factors. Every kind of feedback is therefore important and helps us to better assess our customers’ requirements and priorities and take appropriate measures when necessary. In line with a Group-wide guideline, we conduct customer surveys every two years. These provide us with vital information about the loyalty of our customers, their expectations and how they perceive our services compared to those of our competitors. Our aim for the next survey in 2013 is to significantly increase the number of customers contacted.

We apply the principle of one voice to the customer in responding to inquiries about our products, for example about specifications, certificates or hazardous substances. Our goal is that every customer has a regular contact person, if possible in the business unit responsible. We see customer complaints as both a challenge and an opportunity in equal measure. Our customer complaint management is responsible for resolving customer dissatisfaction quickly and competently, so as to establish a sustained bond between the customer and us. We have also established a Group-wide guideline for this purpose. The aim of every corrective action is to prevent or at least minimize comparable errors and the associated costs in the future. We therefore consider it vitally important that every complaint is documented appropriately.

As a supplier, we also have to submit to regular audits performed by our customers in the context of their management systems.


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