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In fiscal 2012, numerous analysts issued reports on the current and future performance of the LANXESS Group. Around 30 sell-side analysts, most of them from Germany and the United Kingdom, regularly issued their appraisals of LANXESS. Focal points of the dialogue with analysts were our growth in the current economic environment and the strategic alignment with which we intend to achieve our short- and medium-term earnings targets.

A majority of the analysts evaluated the current and future alignment of the LANXESS Group positively in 2012 and recommended buying LANXESS shares. As of January 31, the number issuing a buy recommendation on LANXESS shares stood at 46 percent (2011: 69 percent). A further 36 percent (2011: 21 percent) said to hold our shares, while 18 percent (2011: 10 percent) gave a sell recommendation.

Summaries of analyst appraisals from an independent service provider are available in the “Investor Relations” section of our website under the “Shares” menu item.

Recommendations as of January 31, 2013
Chart: Recommendations as of January 31, 2013


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