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Structure and components of the consolidated financial statements

The consolidated financial statements comprise the statement of financial position, the income statement and statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of cash flows and the notes, which include the segment information.

The consolidated financial statements of the LANXESS Group were prepared in euros (€). Amounts are stated in millions of euros (€ million) except where otherwise indicated. Assets and liabilities are classified in the statement of financial position as current or non-current. Further details of their maturities are provided below in certain cases.

The consolidated financial statements were prepared on the basis of historical acquisition, generation, construction or production costs of the assets. Where different valuation principles are prescribed, these are used. They are explained in the section on accounting policies and valuation principles.

The income statement was prepared using the cost-of-sales method.

The fiscal year for these consolidated financial statements is the calendar year.


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