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Innovative and Stringently Applied HR Strategies Support our Sustainable Growth
Chart: Innovative and Stringently Applied HR Strategies Support our Sustainable Growth

Our entrepreneurial success is based to a very large extent on the performance, innovative strength and commitment of our employees. Only through focused and sustainable employee training and development can we ensure that we achieve our corporate goals and safeguard LANXESS’s competitiveness in the long term. Against this backdrop, integrated, global HR work is increasingly becoming a significant strategic factor.

Our HR strategy defines four central areas of activity, within which we have developed and implemented a range of innovative tools.

By actively promoting social responsibility, providing attractive jobs in an international environment, offering performance-based market-rate compensation and promoting a culture that inspires diversity, leadership and trust, we give our employees access to remarkable career development opportunities, also outside their home countries.

In fiscal 2012, several national and international awards confirmed the success of this strategy. In Germany, LANXESS was awarded the Cologne Chemistry Prize 2012 for exemplary and sustainable HR work. This prize is awarded annually by the VAA (Association of
Academic and Managerial Employees in the German Chemical Industry). The judges’ decision was based on an annual satisfaction survey of 6,000 managers in 25 chemical and pharmaceutical companies. This year we ranked among the top three for the first time.

In China, the CRF Institute named us China’s Top Employer for the third time, after honoring us in 2009 and 2011. A total of 300 leading companies took part in the competition. We were one of 36 companies judged as outstanding in the remuneration, training and development, career development, working conditions and corporate culture categories. In Mexico, the global Great Place to Work® Institute rated us as one of the 100 best multinationals and major local employers in the country.

Our successful growth policy, evidenced by our admission to Germany’s lead index, the DAX, was once again linked with an increase in the workforce in all key target markets in fiscal 2012. A total of 1,442 new employees joined the LANXESS Group worldwide in this period. At our companies in Germany, we hired 345 new employees across all age groups. Our main focus was on specialists in the areas of production and technology, especially engineers and chemists.

New Employees by Age Group, Gender and Region
  EMEA (excluding Germany) Germany North America Latin America Asia-Pacific
Age group Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
< 20   2 1     1   3    
20 – 29 24 76 31 96 10 34 34 47 64 167
30 – 39 33 59 24 82 12 39 19 61 43 156
40 – 49 10 28 14 57 10 25 5 22 15 30
50 – 59 3 11 4 35 5 19 1 12 2 7
≥ 60 1 2   1   3   2    
Total 71 178 74 271 37 121 59 147 124 360


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