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Acting in partnership

A key pillar of our HR policy is close cooperation between employee representatives and management, including trade unions and employers’ associations, in line with the principle of active codetermination. More than 64 percent of our employees worldwide are covered by the terms of collective agreements; in Germany, this figure is nearly 90 percent.

We maintain a close dialogue with employee representative bodies in Germany, Europe and around the world to regularly discuss our corporate goals and involve these bodies in organizational change processes at an early stage. In accordance with the German Works Constitution Act, LANXESS is obliged to inform the Works Council fully and in good time of any planned operational changes which could result in material disadvantage to all or substantial parts of the workforce. This does not affect the provision of information about the company’s economic affairs to the Economics Committee. We fully comply with these legal obligations with respect to the responsible bodies. In Germany, the notification period is four weeks.


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