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Global commitment to education

LANXESS has also initiated projects focusing particularly on the promotion of science education at almost all its sites across the globe. We are involved in a wide range of projects and initiatives in Brazil, Argentina, India, China and South Africa especially.

Social Activities by Topic1)
Chart: Social Activities by Topic
Social Activities by Region1)
Chart: Social Activities by Region

Our local activities in Brazil have been merged under the “e3" initiative. “e3” stands for education, ecology and economy. South America’s largest country has some catching up to do, particularly in the fields of environmental protection and education. We aim to use our expertise to offer effective support in this area.

Since 2010, for example, we have been fostering scientific knowledge with our Green Cycle environmental competition, which was staged again at our Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Porto Feliz sites in Brazil in 2012. The winners receive recognition for the environmental protection projects they develop for the competition and LANXESS fully finances implementation of these projects. Participants additionally receive assistance from an agency that specializes in implementing environmental projects. We also provide financial support to this agency. Since the competition began, we have successfully initiated 23 projects.

Around one fifth of our employees in Brazil participated in a volunteering day on April 14, 2012. As well as contributing eight hours of their time to charitable causes, they also organized activities to raise funds for renovating schools and upgrading their equipment, for example. Some of our customers and suppliers were involved, too.

The “Educar para Crecer” (Educate to Grow) initiative in Argentina aims to promote development in the Zárate region by supporting schools and not-for-profit organizations engaged in educational, social and environmental protection activities there. As part of this initiative, we provide funding for sustainable education projects and help those wishing to launch such projects by delivering the fundamental know-how they need. Five schools took part in the fifth year of the program in 2012. More than 6,000 people have already benefited directly or indirectly from the projects implemented since the program was launched in 2007.

In August 2012, we initiated a new environmental program, also in Zárate. The “La Basura Sirve” (Waste is Useful) initiative also seeks to promote responsible environmental practices. The program, which is being implemented in collaboration with a group of schools, encourages the collection and sorting of inorganic household waste. The income from the sale of reusable materials to recycling companies is used by the participating schools to purchase essential items.

An important CR project in India is the long-term Teach for India program, part of the Teach to Lead initiative. It recruits top graduates from Indian universities who, after completing their studies, spend an initial period of two years teaching full-time at schools with insufficient funding. Our financial support, which amounts to €50,000 each year, will fund current Teach for India projects in Mumbai until at least 2013. The funding will also help extend the project to other towns and cities in India, including New Delhi and Jhagadia, where LANXESS has sites.

In December 2012, a fully equipped library financed by LANXESS opened in Nagda to provide junior and senior high school and university students with completely new opportunities for learning and obtaining information. In addition to books, the library offers numerous magazines and newspapers. Also in Nagda, our donation to the not-for-profit organization Special Need Education Home enabled construction of a new school building for handicapped children. In Jhagadia, we financed the refurbishment and equipping of two state-run schools attended by around 400 students.

Employees at our Thane site used the proceeds from selling old office equipment to provide school materials for 350 orphaned girls in the Ma-Niketan children’s village.

Our first Green Mobility Public Day in China focused on green mobility issues. It gave more than 1,000 local residents and LANXESS employees in Shanghai the opportunity to experience environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Other features of the program were a painting competition for children and a visit to a car museum. In the year under review, we also began supporting students who are particularly gifted or very committed but from low-income families at two schools close to our site in Liyang. 36 young talents have already received a LANXESS scholarship.

We were the main sponsor of the Rally to Read initiative in South Africa, which aims to reduce the significant difference in achievement between students in rural areas and their urban counterparts. Committed LANXESS employees made the journey of some 350 kilometers from Durban to twelve schools in the rural KwaZulu-Natal region to deliver container libraries, sports equipment, educational toys, school bags, writing materials and other items. More than 2,000 children benefited from the campaign. Their progress is regularly monitored by the local education authorities and the READ Trust, partner of the Rally to Read initiative.


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