Welcome to LANXESS Annual Report 2012!

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Promoting art and culture

For several years now, our cultural commitment has focused on encouraging young musicians. We now support three Young Euro Classic orchestras, which bring together the greatest talents from Germany, China, India and Russia and give them the opportunity to showcase their ability during concert tours and prestigious events.

In June 2012, the LANXESS Young Euro Classic Concert Russia marked the official start of Germany Year in Russia 2012/2013. The orchestra performed for some 1,800 high-ranking guests from both countries at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Comprising 76 highly talented music students from Berlin University of the Arts and the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the orchestra was established specifically for this kick-off event. Musicians from the Young Euro Classic Orchestra China-Germany, on the other hand, have now completed six concert tours, impressing Chinese audiences with dance and music. In view of its huge success, we are looking to extend the Young Euro Classic initiative to South Africa in 2013.

Photo: Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO)
Through its support for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO), LANXESS is sponsoring a unique project. Rehearsing with classical music celebrities gives young musicians an exemplary experience of teamwork coupled with tuition at the highest level. This exceptional orchestra has produced many internationally renowned musicians.

Our LANXESS SNYO Classic cultural initiative sponsors an exchange program for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra. Since 2010, more than 1,000 young orchestral musicians have benefited from rehearsing with internationally renowned soloists. In the year under review, we extended our commitment to this program until 2015.

We have also committed to support the Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy (OICMA) until 2015. Led by Japanese star conductor Seiji Ozawa, this ensemble offers talented young musicians from across Asia the chance of a top-quality musical education. Also in Japan, some 6,400 school students enjoyed the Opera for Young People we sponsored during the renowned Saito Kinen Festival.

We entered into a new partnership with the “Kölner Philharmonie,” one of Europe’s premier cultural institutions. Over the coming years, we will be supporting a range of activities at this venue, including the “Acht Brücken” (Eight Bridges) contemporary music festival.

We will also remain the main partner to lit. COLOGNE, Europe’s biggest literature festival in Cologne, until at least 2015. At this annual event, renowned authors and actors demonstrate how the written word can really be brought to life.


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