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Performance Polymers

Market Position

The Performance Polymers segment brings together all the activities of the LANXESS Group in the production of rubber and plastics. Our technologies give us a strong position in the global market. For example, LANXESS is among the leading manufacturers of butyl and polybutadiene rubber, used mainly for the production of car and truck tires. Our high-tech plastics Durethan® and Pocan® are strong brands with significant potential for growth and innovation in the field of lightweight automotive components.

Business Units
  • Butyl Rubber (BTR)
  • Performance Butadiene Rubbers (PBR)
  • High Performance Elastomers (HPE)1)
  • Keltan Elastomers (KEL)1)
  •  High Performance Materials (HPM)

1) Since January 1, 2013

Performance Indicators
€ million 2011 2012 Change %
Sales 5,059 5,176 2.3
Proportion of Group sales 57.7% 56.9%  
EBITDA1) 768 817 6.4
EBITDA margin1) 15.2% 15.8%  
Cash outflows for capital expenditures 437 434 (0.7)
Employees (as of Dec. 31) 4,977 5,348 7.5
1) Pre exceptionals


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