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A new target with an unchanged focus

As a highly innovative supplier of premium products, LANXESS is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. In 2012 we set a further mid-term growth target. Building on our established strategy combining organic and external growth, our goal is to raise our key financial indicator – EBITDA pre exceptionals – to €1.8 billion by 2018.

Ideally positioned at the core of the chemical industry

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, we are positioned at the core of the chemical industry. Our specialist expertise, our applications know-how and our capacity for innovation are demonstrated by our three segments: Performance Polymers, Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals. Since the start of 2013, our business operations have been grouped in 14 business units within these segments. In response to the growing significance of the global EPDM rubber business, we divided the Technical Rubber Products business unit in the Performance Polymers segment into two independent units. The new Keltan Elastomers business unit will focus on the production and marketing of EPDM. The remaining Technical Rubber Products portfolio, which includes a large number of high-performance rubbers and specialties for a wide range of applications, has been renamed the High Performance Elastomers business unit.

Our business units have global responsibility for their operations and manage their activities autonomously as “entrepreneurs within the enterprise.” This ensures short communication lines, flat hierarchies and motivated employees – all of which are crucial in ensuring that we can respond quickly to specific customer requirements and to changes in market and regulatory conditions.

LANXESS Focuses on the Core of the Chemical Industry
Chart: LANXESS Focuses on the Core of the Chemical Industry

Our aim is to position all our businesses at the forefront of their respective markets. Our main markets are the tire, automotive, consumer goods, chemical manufacturing, agrochemical and construction industries. Other important sectors to which we supply products include electronics, water treatment, medical supplies, coatings, printing technology and packaging. This diversification reduces our dependence on the momentum in specific industries and on individual customers. In 2012 our ten biggest customers accounted for only around 26 percent of our business.

Our global profile, which we have steadily improved in recent years, also plays a key role in the stability of our business performance. We have invested selectively in the key growth regions of Asia and Latin America, and now have an effective modern production network there, which we will continue to expand in the future.

Innovative thinking …

Through targeted additions to our product portfolio and our distinctive innovation culture, we are increasingly becoming a high-tech supplier, reliably delivering premium-quality products, actively supporting our customers’ innovation processes and thus adding measurable value for them. This strengthens customer loyalty and enables us to differentiate ourselves clearly from our competitors.

Our research and development activities are closely allied to the needs of the market and our customers. Each business unit therefore has its own research and development capacity. Over and above this, our Innovation & Technology Group Function is an efficient central organizational unit that coordinates all research and development activities within the Group and handles cross-business unit projects.

The high significance of innovation for our company can also be
demonstrated by some figures: in 2012 alone we increased our R&D spending by 33 percent and created more than 100 new jobs in this area of activity.

… to ensure sustainability

In our business activities we are committed to taking account of the demands of economics, ecology and society in equal measure. “Good for business, good for society.” This short sentence perfectly sums up our approach to business. It reflects our conviction that our products and our expertise in the area of sustainable development can make a significant contribution to supporting our customers, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of people everywhere.

The greatest benefits of our corporate responsibility (CR) activities are achieved if they are balanced with our entrepreneurial and, especially, economic objectives. They must therefore be linked to our core business or to our available expertise.

Further information about our commitment to sustainability can be found in the Corporate Responsibility section of this Annual Report.

LANXESS Acts Sustainably
Chart: LANXESS Acts Sustainably


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