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Targeted acquisitions to expand our market position

We also intend to continue generating growth through acquisitions. Our focus remains on small to mid-sized enterprises that optimize and complement our existing portfolio. Stringent strategic and financial criteria are used to evaluate potential acquisition targets. For example, the businesses acquired must make a positive contribution to earnings within three years.

Our M&A record shows that we understand how to grow our leadership positions through selective acquisitions. Since 2006, we have added many activities to our portfolio. All these acquisitions have had a positive impact on earnings per share within just a short time, thanks to the new business and cost synergies generated.

Successful Implementation of LANXESS Acquisition Strategy
Charts: Successful Implementation of LANXESS Acquisition Strategy

A major focus in 2012 was the successful integration of the elastomers business that we acquired from Dutch company Royal DSM N.V. in 2011. In addition, we made two smaller acquisitions to strengthen our portfolio.

By acquiring U.S. company Tire Curing Bladders, LLC (TCB), a leading manufacturer of vulcanization bladders, we have further expanded our position as a premium supplier to the tire industry. This acquisition enables our Rhein Chemie business unit to make the strategically important move into the manufacture of curing bladders for the tires of trucks, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles and construction machinery.

The purchase of Bond-Laminates GmbH, based in Brilon, Germany, complements the portfolio of our High Performance Materials business unit with the addition of innovative materials for lightweight construction in the automotive sector. Bond-Laminates specializes in developing and manufacturing customized plastic composites.

Further information about these transactions can be found in the segment sections of this Annual Report.

Thanks to our long-term financing and farsighted risk management, our liquidity reserves at year-end 2012 amounted to around €2.3 billion in the form of cash and cash equivalents and undrawn credit lines. This gives us sufficient financial headroom for acquisitions to support our growth strategy in the future.


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